Body Health Med


Aesthetic and Medical Massage


Inna Heimgartner

  • Dipl. massage therapist
  • Dipl. acupuncture therapist
  • Med. masseur i. ed.
  • Med. aesthetic therapist

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«Allow yourself to be healthy and beautiful.»


My therapy offers includes:
partial or full body massage therapy in the interplay of Western, Eastern and Asian massage methods


The cost are covered by health insurance according to regulations and insurance.

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medical aesthetic Anti-Aging therapies

  • OxyGeneo - a new era in face care
  • TriLipo RF - for skin tightening, lipid and circumference reduction using the latest non-invasive medical and scientific methods
  • Dermotony - Joyskin - cellulite and excess water removal, revolutionary in vacuumf therapy
  • Injections - Mesotherapy, Carboxytherapy
Based on the legal provisions of Swissmedic, the Swiss Institute for Certification of Medicinal Products and Methods, I have been certified for the use of microinvasive methods anti-aging.